Fire Drill Audit and Reporting

Fire Evacuation Drills

Fire drills as described in the fire safety plan not only serve as a test of the life safety systems in the building but as an opportunity to test and evaluate the actions of supervisory staff and occupants.

We conduct an audit of the fire drill process and provide a report for your records including our observations and recommendations for improvement of your fire drill processes.

The number of fire evacuation drills required to be conducted for a building varies based upon the provincial requirement and the building classification.

Fire drills (Ontario) are required to be held as follows:

  • Group B occupancies & day-care centres – once a month;
  • Schools attended by children – three (3) times in each fall and spring semester;
  • Buildings defined as high-rise (under 3.2.6. of the Ontario Building Code) – once every three (3) months;
  • Laboratories (regulated under Section 4.12 of the OFC) – once every six (6) months;
  • All occupancies other than those listed above – once in each 12-month period.

A copy of all fire drill records must be retained for a minimum of 12 months.