Implementing the Fire Safety Plan

Training Supervisory Staff

Flashpoint Fire Safety provides training for supervisory staff and occupants. The training focuses on the specific responsibilities assigned to your supervisory personnel and instruction to Fire Wardens and occupants as outlined in the fire safety plan. Training satisfies the ongoing need to recognize, report and eliminate fire hazards and to affect a safe outcome in the event of an emergency. We provide training materials and presentations to meet your needs.

The Ontario and National Fire Protection Codes state, “Supervisory staff shall be instructed in the fire emergency procedures as described in the fire safety plan before they are given any responsibility for fire safety.” Training must be provided to both “supervisory staff” (i.e. Fire Wardens & building staff) and building occupants in order to ensure all persons are aware of and understand what they are required to do in case of an emergency.

Each person deemed to be “Supervisory Staff” as well as building occupants are required to receive or have access to a copy of the relevant pages from the Fire Safety Plan for review.

Establishing your Fire Wardens Team Members (Commercial & Industrial facilities)

Prior to conducting training on emergency fire evacuation procedures, tenants should establish a Fire Warden Team and list of members and their role. Each tenant is responsible to ensure roles on the Fire Warden Team for their space are fulfilled. Each tenant is responsible for proving the Building Owner or Property Management Company working on behalf of the building owner with a list of team members.

Persons Requiring Assistance

Persons requiring assistance is any person experiencing any impairment (permanent or temporary) that may affect an person’s ability to safely evacuate the building, including those who:

  • Require the use of wheelchairs, walkers, crutches or cane;
  • Have temporary conditions (i.e. recovery after surgery, breaks or sprains, etc.);
  • Have vision and/or hearing impairments;
  • Have heart or breathing issues;
  • Have arthritis or other physical impairments;
  • Have hidden disabilities;
  • Are pregnant

It is important to identify such persons in advance of an emergency and ensure they are included on the list given to the Building Owner/Property Manager. This list is required to be readily available to the Fire Department during an emergency and may be included in the fire safety plan appendix.

Measures for evacuating persons requiring assistance will be included in the Fire Warden Team responsibilities.

Maintenance of Fire Protection and Life Safety System

Records of the building Maintenance Requirements and all records test/check/inspection including the current and immediately preceding year report but no less than a minimum of two (2) years of accurate records must be kept and be readily available to the Fire Department.

Persons who perform the tests or inspections or a person who repairs, replaces, alters or services fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, commercial cooking suppression systems, sprinkler and standpipe systems, fire hydrants and any other systems requiring expertise are required to be properly trained, qualified and be a certified company or person(s) acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction in Ontario person(s) conducting the annual inspection/tests of the fire alarm system are required to have a CFAA designation.

Annual Review

Fire Safety Plans are required to be reviewed at least annually to ensure that all information contained within is up to date and accurate. Where changes are noted, the plan is required to be updated accordingly and to be submitted to the authority having jurisdiction for approval.